Why you should always wear sunscreen pt2

I looked deep into her eyes and her skin was melting it almost looked explosive it was blistering and bubbleing i was scared but she looked sad. Then i blinked and she was a red i coulden stop staring she used to be very pale and freckels. But i was so scared so i called my mum to come pick us up righ now  and she rushed. She said wow when she got there her gaw droped to the floor. i have never seen her so cufufeld she looked into my eyes and then at her the back and forth.

Always put on sunscreen part1

Me and my class went to the park to eat our morning-tea and we had to sit on this ugly mat that was so dirty but we fished our morning tea and we had time to waist.so me and my friend wanted to waste some time so we asked the teacher if we could do on the play ground and she agreed. Then we got our hats out and reapplied Our sunscreen but Kate didn’t  so I was worried.but Kate said it would be fine but when we got back it was … TERRIFYING!… her skin was pealing off.

Stay tuned for part 2!